Why Scaling "Code" Is A Mistake

Laravel or Symfony? Who cares, USE BOTH!!

Whenever I talk about scaling, someone always wants to know the "tricks" to make their code faster..

"Like, can't I just change all of the double-quotes to single-quotes? I heard they're faster"


My favorite (dead simple) PHP debugging tool

Last week, I was sitting on my couch, binging on some new episodes on NetFlix.


A text message? This late? Can't be good.

Grudgingly, I pause NetFlix after a few seconds ("How it's made" is super addicting) to check out the messages…

Introducing PHP 5.5 Zend Opcache-JSON

In my last post, I shared an in-depth jump into the caverns of PHP 5.5 Zend Opcache. This week I have a present for you.. but first:

Did you get around to upgrading to PHP 5.5 yet?

Go do it now ;) I'll wait…

ANYWAYS, In my last post, I tried to...

Best Zend OpCache Settings/Tuning/Config

The most common question people asked about my last post:

I really want to use Zend Optimizer but I have NO IDEA what settings to use.

(As a quick reminder, here's the full article)

Have you ever noticed how you can spend hours reading docs, but...

Zend Opcache and Atomic Deploys

If you haven't upgraded to 5.5 yet, the APC extension that everyone uses has been deprecated and you HAVE to use the (now open-source) Zend Opcache. Bummer, I know. No one likes change.

Opcache is pretty good, it's faster, but it has some TOTALLY...