Introducing PHP 5.5 Zend Opcache-JSON

In my last post, I shared an in-depth jump into the caverns of PHP 5.5 Zend Opcache. This week I have a present for you.. but first:

Did you get around to upgrading to PHP 5.5 yet?

Go do it now ;) I'll wait…

ANYWAYS, In my last post, I tried to answer this burning question—

"I really want to use Zend Optimizer but I have NO IDEA what settings to use."

We answered that question.. A bunch of readers told me it was the BEST newsletter they've gotten in awhile.

But, Houston, WE STILL HAVE A PROBLEM! (And it's not that we're out of ice cream)

We're armed with enough information to make reasonable assumptions on what to set all of the config values to in Opcache, but.. we still don't know how it's behaving in production.

What if other parts of your stack behaved this way? If you couldn't get access_logs from nginx and just had to assume people were visiting your site. That'd be totally unacceptable, right?

I hate making decisions and assumptions based on guesses. When it comes to my infrastructure, I need cold, hard, monitorable facts.

So here's my totally free, open-source gift for YOU

The PHP community needs a way to uncover the magic going on inside of Zend Opcache. When your paycheck depends on the success and uptime of your app, the last thing you want is a surprise.

I present to you, a tiny but useful open-source library to pry this data out of the bowels of PHP and make it easy to digest— opcache-json

The idea is simple, you add just a few lines of code and you can expose your Opcache internals as a blob of JSON, easy to view and monitor (you'll probably want to make it internal-only or protect it from the public somehow).

On top of that, you can optionally enable a Statsd sink, so that you can capture historical and long-term data from Opcache in SANE way.

I hope you find the library useful. Honestly. Whether you've purchased Scaling PHP or not, more than anything, I want to create things that are useful and valuable for the PHP community.


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