Scaling LAMP doesn't have to suck

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  1. Replace the weak parts in your LAMP Stack

    Should you swap Apache for Nginx? mod_php or php-fpm? Get the answers AND the config files you need.

  2. Scaling PHP Horizontally

    Avoid pitfalls with PHPs session_handler when scaling horizontally. Perfect your stack once and for all.

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You're not exactly the next Facebook, but you're big enough, and it costs real money when your site goes down in the middle of the night.

I slept infront of my laptop for a year while scaling Twitpic, rolling over to restart Apache at 2am before drifting back to sleep, but when you're a startup- you do what you have to do.

What if your didn't have any single points of failure? Imagine if scaling wasn't frustrating and you could get back to what you do best- shipping code?

I'm going to teach you how to scale PHP

Stop playing sysadmin and get back to coding

You didn't sign up to put out fires and figuring out how to scale MySQL isn't exactly going to ship features any faster. You know that learning the intricaces of my.cnf is a waste of time, but you don't have another choice. In the book, you'll get a crash-course on every important tuning option, why it matters, and a quick formula to figure out the perfect settings for your hardware. Bliss.

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Apache is crying itself to sleep everynight

You've heard alot about Nginx and horizontal scaling, and there're thousands of tutorials out there, but the quality ranges from abysmal to "this must be a joke", and when you finally find a good one, it's usually for Rails. I know what it's like to scramble around, reading bad advice on StackOverflow, copy-and-pasting config files from some message board hope that one of them finally works... pulling at your hair, swearing at the screen.

What if it didn't have to be this way? What if there was a single, high-quality resource of information on scaling PHP, on doing things the right way, that actually focused on PHP and not Rails, Node.js or the flavor of the week? Something that taught you scalable architecture and things you might run into when your only user isn't your mom?

The perfect PHP stack, LHNMPRR

Okay, okay- nothing will ever be as catchy as LAMP ;-)

You'll master a new, more scalable stack called LHNMPRR (Linux, HAProxy, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Redis, & Resque) that can scale just by throwing more hardware at. You'll be able to finally get your setup to be perfect, all while using a battle tested stack that's been proven to handle billions of requests.

Think of it as your Cheat Code for PHP <?php ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA ?>

You know, like, the Konami code for PHP (btw- high five!)

I bought the beta version of the book and it was already worth far more than the modest price.Leon Atkinson - winkpass
It's an important book ... you'd have to spend alot of time compiling it and testing it and learning what breaks at scale.Willie Jackson - w3edge
This book should be a sticky post on Hacker News.Roman Mittermayr - fruji
It's a damn good read, very useful for my new job. Setting up Nginx to play nice with PHP-FPM now.Phil Sturgeon - blogger

Chapter List
  1. Ditching the LAMP Stack
  2. Why you need to care about DNS
  3. Load Balancing w/ HAProxy
  4. Horizontal Scaling w/ Nginx & PHP-FPM
  5. Ultimite Guide to Scaling MySQL
  6. Caching your data with Redis
  7. Asynchronous Workers in PHP
  8. Coding and Debugging at Scale
Case Studies
  1. Scaling user uploads past one server
  2. How DNS took Twitpic down for 4 hours
  3. Vertical/Horizontal MySQL Scaling
  4. Hot Backups w/ MySQL & InnoDB
  5. Moving code to the background w/ Kestrel
  6. Memcached versus Redis for your cache
  7. Rapid bottleneck identification (How to profile PHP)
  8. Saving $20,000/mo with an HTTP Cache
  9. Speedy image resizing with GraphicsMagick
  10. Ultimate PHP Benchmarking Guide

Aren't you tired of the terrible PHP tutorials out there? You know, the ones from 2003 that still use mysql_connect and not PDO? It took over 6 months to put together 200 pages of high-quality, easy-to-read content that covers the best performing and most bleeding-edge PHP architecture.

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  • Includes all 10 chapters (over 150 pages), without the case studies and bonus material.
  • 150 Page PDF (DRM-Free)
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  • Best for pre-launch. Get all 10 chapters and all 10 case studies, with a pre-launch checklist.
  • 150 Page PDF (DRM-Free)
  • 10 Twitpic Case Studies
  • Pre-launch Checklist
  • Just the PDF
  • Buy it now, $39 »
  • Includes all 10 chapters (over 150 pages), without the case studies and bonus material.
  • 150 Page PDF (DRM-Free)
  • Complete Startup Package
  • Buy it now, $179 »
  • Includes everything from Complete Package. Share with up to 50 people on your team.
  • Pre-launch Checklist
  • 10 Twitpic Case Studies
  • Scaling "Best Practices" Guide
  • 2 Hours Video Quickstart
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I'm Steve Corona and I've spent the last 4 years scaling Twitpic to handle 60m visitors and 20 billion requests per month.

I live in Charleston, SC and blog about life hacking.

On Twitter, I'm @stevencorona.