Let's go through your architecture together

(consulting for high traffic sites and newly launched startups)

What if your traffic 3x'ed overnight?

Maybe your get on the frontpage of Reddit, HackerNews, or ProductHunt. Could your app handle it?

Be honest with yourself, pinocchio.

What would fail first? If you've been banging away at code for the past 6 months, you're probably not even sure. What parts of your infrastructure are SPOFs (Single Points of Failure)? Do you know exactly where your blind spots are?

If you don't have autoscaling or a pile of extra hardware laying around (read: burning investors money), you're probably screwed anyways. Will your users have graceful degredation of functionality or annoying timeouts and unprofessional 502 Bad Gateway errors?

Can your code and infrastructure meet the demanding needs of your business?

Together, we'll build a custom 3x, 5x, and 10x plan

I've scaled some of the largest PHP apps on the internet today. I was the CTO of Twitpic and scaled the app from 30K to over 50 million users and billions of HTTP requests with a small team and even smaller budget.

We'll work together to identify your major painpoints, single points of failure, and shortcomings of your architecture. After that, I'll work with you to design a custom 3x, 5x, and 10x plan to get you out of your dilemma.

Things I can help you with:

  1. Application architecture & tech stack
  2. Infrastructure layout (bare-metal or cloud)
  3. Your near-term Technology Roadmap
  4. Implementing security best practices
  5. Identifying and removing SPOFs
  6. Scaling your Database Infrastructure
  7. Bottlenecks in your code
  8. Process & making your team more effective
  9. Faster deployments
  10. Testing methodologies

Instead of hiring a (super expensive) full-time architect, let me fill those shoes, and provide technical leadership to you and your team.

Architecture & Stack Review Sessions

A one time, one-hour long session (over Google Hangouts), where I'll go through your entire tech stack— everything from your webserver configuration, to DNS, to database. We'll identify your major areas of pain and I'll create a custom plan of attack for your next 2-3 months.

Wednesday 5-6PM PST

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Thursday 6-7PM PST

Schedule now for $299

Trusted Advisor & Architect-as-a-Service

For companies that'd like a more hands on engagement, whether you're just starting up or venture-backed, we can come up with a plan that fits your needs. I'll be hands-on understanding your needs and designing a stack and infrastructure for your team that scales to the demands of your business.

Things I'll be able to help you with:

  • Understand your entire software domain
  • Provide long-term technical vision and roadmap
  • Help with Code Reviews if you ping me on Github
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Email me any questions

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My overall philosophy is...

The entire point of building software is to create something that surprises and delights customer. The reason we scale software is to meet the demands of our customers and build a successful (and profitable) business.

My job is to help you build software and infrastructure that will scale effortlessly so that you can focus on delighting the customers.

I look forward to working with you!

Call or text me if you have any questions: (843)-327-6722

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